Saturday, August 29, 2009

New from CreativeCritters- plush WoW Murloc!

So I've finally started to expand my line of plush World of Warcraft characters.  So far I've only made Taurens, but I decided to add Murlocs to my repetoire.  I create the patterns for all these characters myself, so it does take some time to settle on a final design.  I put a lot of time and effort into these creations, trying to get them as close to the actual characters as possible.  Since I don't play the game myself (no WAY I'd have time for that!), I spend many hours online researching the characters, colors, styles, weapons, etc.  I also spend a good bit of time picking my mother and brother's brains.  Mother introduced the idea of making plush WoW characters to me a while back.  She and my youngest brother both play regularly.  So this is my newest creation, with more to come.  You can stop by CreativeCritters on ArtFire to see all I have to offer, or click on the pictures to go directly to the listing.

This plush World of Warcraft Murloc was handsewn using my own pattern and measures about 13" tall, standing, and 8" tall seated. He's made from blue and green felt and gray sweatshirt material. His spines, teeth, and tongue were made from stiff felt. I used fabric paint to paint the markings on his body. All four limbs have plastic safety joints, making the Murloc fully poseable. His eyes are also safety eyes and his hands and fingers have pipe cleaners inside to make them poseable as well. He's stuffed with polyester fiberfill. If you enjoy the World of Warcraft, you have to get this unique handcrafted Murloc!

Handmade World of Warcraft plush Murloc

Thanks for looking!

-Michelle of CreativeCritters


  1. Ok honestly that is kind of creepy but good! I play too but I try not to talk about it :)

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