Monday, August 24, 2009

Fun with Eraser Clay

I've seen Sculpey Eraser Clay in the craft store with the rest of the polymer clay for some time now.  I've always wanted to get some and play around with it a bit, and with kids going back to school, I figured this was the perfect time to start making some erasers and selling them at  I've been sculpting in polymer clay for many years, so this is just a slightly different material to work with.  It only comes in blue, green, orange, pink, purple, yellow, brown, and white as far as I know.  You can mix the colors, though, so that expands the color pallette a bit.  It's a bit softer than regular Sculpey polymer clay, so it can be a little difficult to do very detailed work.  It does work quite well with molds, though (I spritz mine with water first for easy removal of the clay).  I started with what I call MonsterHead erasers, which fit on the top of the pencil.  These guys are great- comical, unique, and more than a little silly.  I've also made a few dragons, snakes, octopuses, cats, snails, butterflies, and flowers.  I do like variety, plus I'm trying to see if one type sells better than another.  Some of these are just erasers, and some are also pencil toppers.  I used to love the different shaped erasers in school.  There was nothing quite like what I've made though.  I think kids would enjoy these, as would fun loving adults.  I do believe I'll have to make a few just for myself!  These would be great for Halloween treats or stocking stuffers, as well as back to school.  I've been listing new ones every day, so be sure to stop in to CreativeCritters and see what's new.  Below are the erasers I have in my shop right now.  If anyone has any suggestions or requests for different types of erasers, please leave a comment.  Feedback is always very useful!  Thanks for looking!

Furry Purple MonsterHead eraserGreen Monster EraserGoofy Blue Monsterhead eraserHandmade Orange Lizard EraserComical Yellow MonsterHead eraserOrange MonsterHead eraserHandmade Green MonsterHead EraserHandmade Purple Dragon eraserFurry Blue MonsterHead EraserPink Butterfly eraser

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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