Saturday, August 22, 2009

The newest plush World of Warcraft Tauren from CreativeCritters

I just listed the latest addition to my plush World of Warcraft family of characters.  Each of these Taurens stands between 14" and 17" tall and they all come with a staff or weapon.  I created the patterns myself (a very time consuming process of trial and error!), and each character is one of a kind.  They are all sewn carefully by hand and wear real leather outfits.  Their weapons are usually sculpted from polymer clay.  These characters are just perfect for anyone who plays The World of Warcraft, and I'm working on expanding my line of characters.

Here's the description for my newest Tauren.

This plush handsewn Tauren would be perfect for anyone who enjoys the fantasy of The World of Warcraft. She stands 14" tall and her body and head were made with CowSpot Velboa fabric, which has a short soft nap. Her brown horns and black hooves were made from felt. Her hair and tail tuft are faux fur fabric. Her eyes were handpainted with fabric paint and then sealed with triple thick gloss glaze. She's stuffed with polyester fiberfill and her arms and legs have plastic safety joints, making her poseable. Her dress is genuine deerskin which has been decorated with green fabric paint. I used my own pattern to create this character. Her ax measures 16" tall, with the head being made of polymer clay and the shaft is a wooden dowel. I've glued velcro to the shaft of the ax and sewed velcro to her hand, so she can hold the ax.

Below are pictures of my new lady.  Stop by CreativeCritters to see my entire line of WoW characters!

Plush Female World of Warcraft Tauren with Ax

Thanks for looking!

-Michelle of CreativeCritters


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