Friday, June 26, 2009

The Calico Cat on ArtFire makes cozy creations

Linda McMurray,of The Calico Cat (love the name!) on, knits some of the most wonderful socks, sweaters, and mittens I've seen.  The colors and pattersn are gorgeous, and even just looking at them, i can tell they're delightfully soft and cozy.  Her Artisan Biography reads: "Somehow, when your primary product is jewelry, and your shop name is Rocky Creek Gems, all the other things get lost. So to help solve that, I have opened up this second store--The Calico Cat. You will find my hand-knit items, quilts, quilt squares, and all manner of needlecrafts--but NO jewelry! If you don't see what you're looking for, let me know--I'll bet I can custom make it for you!"

Linda has been making things for as long as she can remember and isn't a "single-craft" person! She enjoys working with gemstones, beadwork, knitting, crocheting, quilting, sewing, embroidery--you name it! As a former middle school science teacher, she particularly loves making use of unusual items.

She's also the author of two wildcrafting booklets available through Texas Parks.

Her customers have said "So pretty! I can't believe this magical yarn. Thanks so much...I love the pendant too, how SWEET of you!!", "My husband thought these socks were wool and he liked them so much he put them on with his sandals on a day when we broke the heat record! I guess I'd better order some more for Winter LOL", and "Very Very Cute Socks!!! They fit like a dream!!!".  Obviously she's had some very satisfied customers.  Not only is her work beautiful, but quite comfy as well!  You can also find Linda at These are a few of my personal favorites.  Visit her shop to see all she has to offer!


PARTY! Hand-Knitted SocksPink Lemonade Hand-Knit SocksSendero Blue SocksPrairie Wildflower Hand-Knit SocksLavender Hand-Knit Raspberry Lemonade Hand-Knit SocksMulti-pastels Hand-Knit SocksTexas Springtime Hand-Knitted Socks Here's a description of these wonderful socks: Treat yourself or your special someone to the ultimate little luxury. Nothing says “Love” quite like a pair of hand-knitted socks! Everybody needs at least one pair! In fact, keep a few pairs on hand as gifts for those unexpected, last-minute occasions we ALL have. After all, everyone needs socks.

Got cold feet? Not with these you won’t--why even the colors are enough to warm you up! Warm and snug, they make great bed-socks; they’re fantastic as slippers; and they’re a thoughtful gift for someone in the hospital.

These socks are hand-knitted in 100% acrylic 4 ply knitting worsted making them completely machine washable and dryable—so go ahead and wear them without worrying about laundering.

-Michelle of CreativeCritters