Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Grah-ToeStudio on

Kim Sandberg and her husband daydreamed of doing their art full time.  On 1-24-09 the opened GrahToeStudio on They love to work on new projects and welcome custom requests.  They work in wood, stone, clay, metal, antler, and beaded jewelry.  Their studio derives it's name from rock formations called grottos, which they saw as they drove from Florida to the West Coast.  As Christians, they beleive that their artistic talents are a gift from God and they are "grateful all the way down to their toes".  Thus Grah (from grateful) Toe (to our toes) became their studio name.  They offer a variety of unique pieces.  Below is a small sample.

Flip flop braceletBeaded elastic green leaf braceletpink,white,silver braceletsouthwest lizard necklaceWorry stone mobius loopWooden Snowflakes-special woods~ box of 5 Yellow Butterfly necklacecollage pendant- mirrored

-Michelle of CreativeCritters


  1. Love them all!
    They are all very lovely, but I think my favorite is the collage pendant :D
    Great feature!