Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gramma update

Well, Gramma's been home from the hospital for a week now. She did pretty good the first day, but then at 3am she got a bad dizzy spell. She has a condition called Labrynthitis which causes her to get extremely dizzy and nauseous, sometimes for as long as 3 or 4 days. Luckily I was right there with her when it hit, so she didn't fall. That set her back quite a bit. We've had nurses aides and therapist coming all week. After the first few days she was able to sit in a chair to eat her breakfast and dinner before laying back down again.
Of course I managed to pull a muscle in my shoulder getting her into bed the first day, so I wasn't feeling too great myself. Not to mention a severe lack of sleep. I put a bell on Gramma's bedside table so she could ring it when she needed to use the bathroom (or any other time she needed me). She's on a diuretic, so I was running up the stairs every hour or so. To say I'm tired would be putting it mildly. Now we've got it down to every 2 hours or so, which is an improvement, I guess.
Yesterday she did really good though. She managed to walk (with the walker) out to the living room and eat her dinner out there like she used to do. Even Ozzy, my cat, was happy to see her sitting in her chair like normal. Routine is comforting, even for cats. Things have just been so crazy lately. None of us knows whether we're coming or going any more. Now when she went to get up from the chair yesterday evening she pulled a muscle in her back. She took some Tylenol and I massaged it for her for a while. She said it was feeling better this morning. I believe the physical therapist is supposed to come on Monday, so we'll see what kind of exercises she has for Gramma. At least Gramma works really hard at her therapy and does all she can to recover. It's tough being the only one here to do everything for her, but at least she's a good patient. Mentally she seems to be okay too. I'm VERY thankful for that. I can help her out with her physical needs, but when they start to slip into dementia or Alzheimer's, there's only so much a person can do. Heck, she even double checks my work when I write her bills out and balance her checkbook.
Anyway, that's the latest on Gramma. She's been eating good (glad to have real food rather than the horrible stuff they gave her at the hospital), and we seem to be getting her blood sugar back to normal. The main thing right now is getting her strength and endurance back up. I'm just hoping we can get back to some version of normal (and a full night;s sleep would be nice too).

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  1. I can sympathize. Being a caregiver is no easy task. Hope you are abel to get some rest.