Saturday, June 6, 2009

Special order choker necklace

I just finished a special order for my cousin, Sheryl.  She spent some time browsing through the jewelry in my studio, CreativeCritters, and decided she'd like me to make something specifically for her.  The only guidelines she had were that she wanted it to be a choker length necklace in shades of pink or purple, and the pendant couldn't be too large.  When she remarked on the color of my tulips, an idea began to form.  I decided to make a heart shaped pendant with an orchid type of flower appliqued to the front.  To make the heart I swirled together 2 shades of pink polymer clay and 2 shades of purple clay.  The heart measures 1" wide and 1 1/2" long, just about the size she was looking for.  I modeled the flower after an orchid and used a custom blended shade of purple.  I used 2 different sizes of clay cutters to get the basic petal shapes, which I then thinned and refined with my fingers and a small brush.  After applying the flower to the heart and shaping the petals I added a tiny ball of yellow clay to the center of the flower for the stamen.  After baking I highlighted the center and the edges of each petal with pink acrylic paint, which makes the flower "pop" nicely against the heart.  As a finishing touch I glazed the whole pendant.  Sheryl seemed quite pleased with the pictures I emailed her and plans to pick the necklace up next week.

Pink and Purple swirled Heart necklace

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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