Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kindness and generosity abounds on Artfire

Last week I lost almost $500 to Tonya Pendley from Jasper Alabama.  Apparently this woman preys on online artists, sending bad checks for handcrafted goods which she probably re-sells.  After I posted on the Artfire forums about what happened- mainly just to warn others about her, I got a huge response.  RockyCreekGems told me exactly what I needed to do in order to file charges, which I did, as well as posting on all my blogs and forums about this woman.  A few days later (my birthday, actually) when I went to check the Artfire forums I discovered that a Pass the Hat for Michelle campaign had been started.  OK, I admit it, I cried at the generosity of these wonderful artists.  Many of them aren't much better off than I am, financially, but they're willing to donate money from their sales to make up for what I lost.  Because of their generosity, the bills I mailed out right before receiving the returned check from the bank won't bounce.  Plus hopefully I'll be able to make enough new items to replace the one Tonya Pendley stole from me.  Now I want to do what I can to thank the people who have so selflessly helped me out.  These are wonderful people and amazing artists.  CCTexan3 along with RockyCreekGems (AKA CalicoCat) were the ones who got the Pass the Hat thing started (leave it to those Texans!).  So here are a few items from CCTexan3: golden bee charm braceletPurple Amethyst, flourite and Copper NecklaceArt Glass Fish Necklace Stop by and show her some love!

And a few pieces from RockyCreekGems: Lavender and Pearls Beaded Cabochon NecklaceTigereye Temptation Gorgeous pieces from a wonderful individual!

ExquisiteStudios has also been incredibly supportive. Here's a taste of what she does. Pay her a visit and see everything she has to offer! Artisan Sterling/Swarovski in BluePromises Kept**FREE SHIPPING SALE** Lime and Aqua Candleholder So pretty, and VERY resonably priced!

This is only the beginning of my "thank yous".  I hope everyone who reads this will pay a visit to these shops and show these wonderful artists some love, cuz they sure do give it back!

-Michelle of CreativeCritters


  1. That is so so wonderful! What kind and generous people. I'm so happy that the kindness of others is helping to balance out the horrible acts of another!

  2. That's great. I'm glad they stepped in and helped you out. I just today set my policy to not accept checks.

  3. It is lovely that even in these hard times people give freely. It must make you feel better after the bitterness left in your mouth from the other person.

  4. what lovely people, really awful that you lost so much and am really glad these lovely people have helped. And thanks for the warning.