Sunday, November 15, 2009

Capricious Adornments offers a wonderful selection of handcrafted jewelry

Ok, I'll admit right now, I really like this artist.  She's a wonderful, interesting person, and her jewelry is just gorgeous.  Capricious Adornments was opened on 6-14-09 and offers Gemstone Necklaces, Crystal Elements Necklaces, Enamel Art, Bracelets, Earrings, and Seasonal and Cruisewear.  In her biography Natasha says "Welcome to a Capricious world!
I try to reflect a fun, whimsical and unpredictably spirited theme in my designs! I appreciate the many roles and hats that we, as women, wear during our routine lives.
Value and quality are paramount.... AND... having a little luxury with that unique piece to make you feel special is priceless. I bring you the best quality materials at the most affordable price possible. Attention is paid to detail in my creations, giving it a panoramic finished look. I love what I do and I want happy repeat customers that love wearing what I make.
My work speaks for itself, but I want to share my world with you in this bio and photo gallery. Who is behind this operation - me, and the support of my ENTIRE family!
I am a multitasking Mom, supportive wife and active in my community. Designing and creating these adornments is pretty much what I do full time. As my business grew, my husband found it necessary to carve a studio niche in our home. In my workplace, I am surrounded by inspiration, walls of windows and shelves filled with sketches, sculptures and paintings. I share my studio with my bird Petra, happily chirping to me every day! Very often, you will find my family passing through, along with my dear Mother and our company Treasure Hunter! My biggest fan and retired traveler, my mother often hangs out having a cup of coffee and seeing what I am up to. I truly count my blessings and it's a happy chaos here!
I am the founder and currently the Guildmaster for New Jersey ArtFire, bringing you a collective of HandMade in the Garden State. Look for us on Facebook and Blogger!"

You can also find her at, Twitter, Facebook, and her other shop, Swank.  And in honor of her ride on the Crazy Train she's offering 20% off in both her shops!  Below is just a sample of what this very talented lady has to offer.  Be sure to stop in and see all the wonderful pieces she has available, and take advantage of that great sale!

Pink Jade and Silver Floral NecklaceBlack Cinnabar Carved Bead NecklaceTurquoise Enamel Pendant with Silver Chain NecklaceTorch Fired Enamel Brooch with FeathersLayered Ceramic Pinwheels Bead NecklaceTorch Fired Lapis Blue Enamel PendantCeramic Harlequin Bead NecklaceCobalt Blue Rose and Silver Chain NecklacePeacock Enamel Pendant

-Michelle of CreativeCritters



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