Saturday, November 7, 2009

My 13 year old cat, Ozzy, has had me pretty worried for the last few weeks. He gradually stopped eating, and I couldn't find anything that he would eat. He lost almost 5lbs. in about 3 weeks, and I was getting frantic. I got a paste called NutriCal, which is a high calorie supplement and would feed it to him from a syringe (without the needle) twice a day. He seemed to perk up a bit once those calories got into him, but he still wasn't eating his cat food. Then a few days ago he came up to me and I swear he said "Mommy, can I please have some Turkey and Cheese canned food". So I opened up a can of that and he started to eat like he was starving. I almost cried in relief. Ozzy and I have always had a very close connection, and we do seem to know what the other is thinking very often. Ozzy's appetite has come back with a vengence, and he gets a can of food a day now. I think the dry food is too hard for him to chew, and he may have had some sort of virus that took away his appetite for a while (when I first offered him canned food he turned it down). Of course Cedric is very jealous that Ozzy gets "special" food, but Cedric is also getting very fat! HE doesn't need any extra calories. I have to guard Ozzy while he's eating so Cedric doesn't steal it all. I feel a great sense of relief now that Ozzy is starting to feel better though. I'm not ready to say goodby to him yet. I keep telling him he's got to stick around for a lot longer. I can't imagine my life with out my best furry friend. So that's what's been going on with one of the critters of CreativeCritters. So when your cat starts talking to you, it's probably best to listen, and learning to speak "Cat" doesn't hurt either ;o).

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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