Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cyber Monday and More Sale at CreativeCritters

Use coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS at checkout and receive 10% off everything in CreativeCritters until December 3rd! I have something for just about everybody. For the ladies I offer a variety of earrings, necklaces, and pins. For animal and nature lovers I have sculptures, jewelry, magnets, stuffed animals, and more. If you enjoy the world of fantasy, I have an entire section dedicated to my fantasy sculptures. I also have a section for a variety of whimsical sculptures. If you're looking for a truly special gift, take a peek at my miniature house sculptures. For those of you who play the World of Warcraft (or know someone who does), I have one of a kind, handsewn, plush Taurens and Murlocs. For the kids I make soft knit toys and handsewn dolls. Doll collectors would like some of these dolls as well. And of course I couldn't forget Kitty- I have a section with fun catnip toys filled with my own organic catnip. I also have pens which double as sculptures. These would make a delightful gift for anyone. I have a separate section for Christmas themed gifts as well. A unique, handcrafted gift will mean so much more than some mass produced gift bought at a large retailer. The time and effort that is put into handmade items really shows through. So this holiday season, why not buy handmade and really support your local economy?
-Michelle of CreativeCritters


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