Thursday, November 12, 2009

Handmade Plush World of Warcraft Murlocs with SOUND!

I've been making plush World of Warcraft Murlocs for some time now, and have several listed in my shop.  They're really funny mosters, and I have a blast making them.  In a recent conversation with Mother (she and my brother play WoW) she was musing if it would be possible to make Murlocs with sound.  If you play the game, I'm sure you know what they sound like.  I recalled seeing recordable buttons in the craft store on my last visit.  I told Mother that if she could find a good Murloc sound wave file and email it to me, I should be able to record it on the button, then sew that into some part of the Murloc.  Mother's been playing the game for years, so she knows a good Murloc sound from a corny reproduction.  She sent me the file, I got the button and recorded the sound, then I tried to figure out where to put the button in the Murloc.  I thought about the mouth, but it wouldn't have fit right, so I settled on placing it in his left thigh.  I kept accidentally pressing the button while sewing the Murloc, scaring myself and the cats- LOL!  Not only is this creation soft and cuddly (yeah, I know, Murlocs aren't usually considered "cuddly"), but he makes those hysterical sounds.  This would be the ultimate Christmas present for any WoW fan.  Once I can get more supplies I'll be buying more of those buttons and making more "talking" Murlocs.  Be sure to make your purchases in time for Christmas- it's creeping up faster than I want to realize!  Check out my entire Plush World of Warcraft category to see all I have to offer for WoW fans.  Thanks for looking!

OOAK Plush World of Warcraft Murloc with Sound

OOAK Plush World of Warcraft Murloc with Sound

-Michelle of CreativeCritters


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