Sunday, November 1, 2009

Miniature polymer clay houses from CreativeCritters

Today I'd like to talk about my miniature house sculptures.  I've been making these for quite a few years, and always enjoy them.  Although they take at least a week to complete, I enjoy getting lost in the process.  Each house is very detailed and built in stages, sculpting the walls and roof in polymer clay and baking them flat, then assembling the house, adding more details and clay, and baking again.  My favorite part is the landscaping, which is also the most time consuming.  I cut out every leaf and flower by hand (thousands of them!), and shape them before placing them onto the sculpture.  I  often bake the house 2 or 3 more times while adding landscaping and other details.  These houses range from about 5" tall by 4" wide to 3" tall and 4" wide.  I cover the bottom of the base with felt and always sign and date the piece.  My newest, and most unique piece would be my Lighted Glow in the Dark Pumpkin house sculpture.  This is the first house that I've put an electric light into (also the first vegetable houseLaughing), as well as the first one to have glow in the dark clay elements.  I plan to make more houses like this in the near future (I've got a really cool idea for a mushroom house), as well as sculpting more of the traditional houses.  You can click on any of the pictures to go directly to the listing.  Each of these houses is a one of a kind creation, and any would a wonderful gift this holiday season.  Thanks for stopping by!


Lighted Glow in the Dark Pumpkin House sculptureMiniature Brick House sculptureMiniature House with Blue SidingMiniature Tudor Style house with LandscapingMiniature Log Cabin with Dog on PorchMinature Polymer Clay HouseMiniature Blue Cottage sculptureMiniature Log Cabin sculptureMiniature Manor house sculpture

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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