Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall harvest

Well, it's a cold, wet, and rather miserable day here, but I figured I'd better get out in the garden and harvest the rest of my veggies before we get any dreaded snow (yes, it's actually in the forecast!). I did manage to get another zucchini (I swear those things would keep growing all winter if they could), several mini eggplants, 3 nice butternut squash, a few acorn squash, and even a couple of peppers. Not too bad, considering the groundhog and deer have been helping themselves to the garden. The groundhog seems to be partial to the bottom half of my tomatoes. That's OK though, I don't mind sharing with my furry friends, for the most part. Above is a picture of my veggies, still wet from the drizzle.

While I was out there I also saw a cute wooleybear caterpillar trying to stay dry under the leaves of my basil. Looks like he got hungry and had a little snack while he was there.
I like wooleybears because they're very cute and fuzzy. We have a wooleybear festival around here in September- that's how popular they are. I can't remember exactly how to read their stripes, but they're supposed to be able to predict how bad a winter we're going to have. Hopefully this one will be mild- I hate being stuck in the house for months at a time!
Thanks for reading, and have a great day!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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  1. I think different parts of the country have their own sayings about things. In my neck of the woods they say that the wider the stripe in the middle of the catepillar the longer Winter will last.