Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Handsewn cloth dolls from CreativeCritters

I've been making cloth dolls for several years now.  My best friend got me started when she gave me a Waldorf doll kit for Christmas and asked me to make a doll for her son.  I knew how to sew, but had never considered making dolls before this.  My first doll turned out quite well, and several years later it is still cherished and played with daily.  Wanting to learn more about doll making, I bought a few books with patterns for different dolls and their clothes.  And I was off and running!  I discovered I really liked making dolls, and giving them each their own personality.  All of my dolls are sewn by hand and measure between 14" and 18" tall.  Some have jointed arms, and some have tab style arms.  Most often I'll use yarn for hair, although some of my dolls have faux fur hair.  I sold a few dolls to my aunt, who is a doll collector, and she has them prominently displayed in her living room.  My neice still plays with the doll I created for her as well.  I also sew all the clothes by hand, which sometimes takes longer than the doll itself. I enjoy finding just the right fabric, and combining (or creating) patterns for the perfect outfit.  All of my dolls have names, which usually come to me after I've painted the faces.  That's when their personality really starts to come out.  I also sign and date each of my dolls, which are all one of a kind creations.  A lot of love goes into these dolls, and I really do feel an emotional connection to them.  They're soft and very nice to hold, just comforting somehow.  Below are some of the dolls available in my shop, and I plan to add more as Christmas approaches.  Just click on the picture to go directly to the listing, or browse my entire Doll Category. Thanks for stopping by!

Wendy the Witch doll and her Black Cat SpookKaty a cloth doll in a Cat Halloween costumeBrianna a Beautiful Cloth DollVirginia an Adorable Cloth dollDonna a Delightful Cloth DollPaige the cloth doll in her purple snowsuitCaitlin an Adorable Cloth DollJasmine a Divine Cloth DollCute cloth doll McKaylaCloth Doll ColleenKirstin a loveable cloth dollClarissa a Sweet Cloth Doll

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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