Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fantasy Creations from CreativeCritters

My love of the world of fantasy can easily be seen in much of my work.  I'm inspired by artists like Boris Valejo and Julie Bell (among many others), as well as by the fantasy books I read from authors like Piers Anthony, Jack Chalker, Mercedes Lackey, and Terry Brooks.  As I read I can see the characters and scenes unfolding in my mind.  There are times when I MUST sculpt a particular character or scene.  I just love the thought of magic, talking animals, fierce (or friendly) dragons, brave knights, powerful magical women- fantasy allows anything to become possible.  Most of my fantasy pieces are quite time consuming and labor intensive, but it's a labor of love.  A lot goes into them and I try very hard to get them to convey the right feeling.  Some are comical, like Mohawk the Troll (in the picture above), some are more serious, or even downright scary.  You can find fantasy pieces in my jewelry and magnet category, my pen category, and of course, my fantasy sculpture category. These are also all one of a kind pieces, and of course sculpted by hand in polymer clay.  The clay itself has a certain magic to it, which lends itself nicely to fantasy sculptures.  You take this pretty colored lump of clay, smoosh it, smash it, smooth it, and voila!- an amazing sculpture emerges, sometimes as if by itself.  This is certainly my favorite medium to work with.  There are just limitless possibilities for what I can create.  Below is a sample of the pieces you'll find in my shop, with more being added regularly.  Just click on the picture to go directly to the listing, or click on one of the category links above to browse.  Thanks for stopping by and looking!

Scorch The Rockin' Dragon sculptureFrog Prince fantasy sculptureGoofy Knight sculptureFairy with Baby Dragon sculpturePurple Pixie with a Present Pen sculptureGnome pen Fantasy SculptureMouse in the Mushrooms pen setGreen and Gold Dragon earringsGreen and Yellow Dragon NecklaceBlue and Green Dragon necklaceRed and Gold Dragon necklaceDragon Hatchling fantasy sculpture

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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