Friday, October 30, 2009

Nightmaiden rides the Crazy Train

Nightmaiden opened on 11-19-08 and offers Awareness Items, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Chakra Series, Element Series, Mobius Chains, Rosary Bracelets, Photography, and Home Decor.

Her Studio Announcement reads: "Welcome to NightMaiden Designs.
Now accepting Amazon Payments as well as Paypal!
Thank you for stopping by. I have a wide array of pretties for you to drool over.
I welcome custom requests, just send me a message to inquire about any custom design. Please see my policies for more information."

Her biography states: "I was taught to always let your imagination run. Never hide the gifts and talents that you were given. I grew up with the love of photography and creating jewelry.
All of this began when I tried to save money on my wedding by creating all the jewelry myself. From there NightMaiden Designs was born. As I grew along with the business, I took a path less traveled. I began creating items with a metaphysical theme. Items that by using stones and gems that come from the earth and putting them into a creation that utilizes their true and natural properties.
As far as I go, I am Irish and have a love of all living creatures. I am an avid animal rescuer and took that passion to my job. I was a vet tech until I got married.
I also have a passion for awareness causes. I support many causes and even create awareness pieces so that others can show their support.
**Click on the link at the side to visit my Facebook page, become a fan and get inside information on upcoming projects, sneak peeks to items before listing, special promos and coupon codes just for fans."

Nightmaiden can also be found on Facebook, blogspot, and MySpace.  Below is a sample of what can be found in her shop.  Be sure to pay her a visit and see all she has to offer!

Dia de los Muertos Day of the Dead PillowGarden Theme Chainmaille Charm BracelertSail AwayLil Pink DragonfliesErin go BraughFly Away With MeFlowers and ByzantineTwisted Flowers, your choice of color and styleTake These Wings

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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