Friday, October 9, 2009

Wendy the Witch doll and her Black Cat Spook

Wendy the Witch doll and her Black Cat SpookThis is Wendy. She's all ready for Halloween, dressed in her Black and dark blue witch costume. Wendy is a 17" tall hand sewn cloth doll. She's made from muslin and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. She's wearing a black dress (also sewn by hand), with a sheer blue overskirt. The star on the front of the bodice was painted with glow in the dark dimensional fabric paint, making for a really fun effect in the dark. The dress fastens in the back with velcro. Her legs and boots are all one piece. I used striped fabric for the legs to resemble striped tights. Her boots were sewn from black fabric and I then painted the uppers with Halo Blue Gold Metallic Acrylic paint. This creates an incredible shimmer (and adds a little magic to those boots)! Wendy's bright blue eyes were painted by hand with fabric paint. Her arms have plastic safety joints and her hair is soft Homespun yarn. Her cape was sewn using black fabric, on which I painted more glow in the dark stars, with the sheer blue fabric on the outside. Her hat, made from stuff black felt, also has glow in the dark stars painted on it. Her little black cat is named Spook and was sewn from soft black fleece and stuffed with polyester fiberfill and plastic poly pellets. His eyes were painted with glow in the dark paint and his nose is pink felt. Spook has some very good "Cat Magic" and is quite comforting to hold. Wendy and Spook are one of a kind original creations, handcrafted with love. This pair would make a great gift for any child, doll collector, or anyone who enjoys Halloween.

With Halloween right around the corner, creating a doll in a witch costume just seemed natural. I didn't plan too far ahead with Wendy- I let her guide me to the right fabrics, paints, and patterns. Spook turned out wonderful as well, and he really is quite soothing to hold (seriously, it must be the Cat Magic). The glow in the dark paint creates a really cool effect in the dark as well- it has to be seen in person to really appreciate it! I've also signed and dated Wendy's bottom, so you know she's an original creation.


Wendy the Witch doll and her Black Cat Spook

-Michelle of CreativeCritters


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