Thursday, October 22, 2009

I've loved and lost many animals over the years, everything from mice and hamsters to cats, dogs, ferrets, and more. My ferret Ziggy died about 3 years ago. He was an albino and it was love at first site when I picked him up. Rather than gnawing on me like his cage mates did, he gave me the sweetest little ferret kisses. How could I not bring that little character home? I'll admit, I treated the little guy like a king. He had full run of a large part of the house for at least several hours a day, and he had several soft cozy beds (handmade, of course) in his large cage when it was time to sleep. I fed him fresh cooked chicken and gizzards mixed with his ferret food, which he just loved. He liked to walk around the yard in his leash with the handmade harness I sewed (way more comfortable than the store bought ones). I'd let him dig in the dirt and have a grand old time. His best friend was our cat, Cedric. Ziggy liked to jump on the cat's back and ride him like a horse- funniest thing you ever saw! They'd take turns chasing each other around the house, then if Cedric caught Ziggy he'd carry him around (very gently) by the scruff of the neck. Ziggy didn't seem to mind in the least, and as soon as Cedric set him down, they were off again, racing around and just having a great time. Then when they got tired they'd curl up together and Cedric would give the ferret a bath before they went to sleep. The day Ziggy passed away he sat in my lap and gave me kisses and cuddled for a long time. I believe he was saying goodbye. That evening he died in his sleep. He lived a good long life, and I will never forget his bright little spirit. Even the cats kept looking for him more than a month later. Cedric would sit in Ziggy's cage and look so sad- it still brings tears to my eyes. Cedric is a large cat, and really didn't fit in the ferret's bed, but he squished his big butt in there anyway. He really missed his buddy, and that was his way of remembering him. Even Ozzy, who pretended he didn't like Ziggy, missed him and looked for him. All this time later, and I still miss my little Ziggy. I made a sculpture (called Ferret Rider) of a fairy riding an albino ferret- my version of Ziggy frolicking with fairies in Heaven. I have that sculpture on my shop banner as well. You just don't forget your critters.

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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