Saturday, July 11, 2009

Garden progress

Well, my garden is a wild jungle! A very productive wild jungle. I don't even have that many weeds, because they simply don't have room to grow! I'm still harvesting lettuce, yellow beans, green beans that sprouted from last year's fallen seeds, zucchini, yellow squash, and garlic. The tomatoes are still green, but there are a lot of them. I think once the nights warm up (it's been unseasonably cool lately) they'll start to ripen pretty fast. I have flowers on my bell peppers, and tiny baby eggplants coming. I just love my garden! Here are some pictures I just took last week.
zucchini and beans 09These are my zucchini and beans, although there's a lot more where these came from. I've been picking beans and zucchini almost every day.
tomatoes09This is my wild tomato patch. The plants are taller than I am now, and I'm 5'8"! All I've really done is add some compost and a little organic fertilizer.
garlic 09This is my garlic, with parsley and Borage mixed in. I planted the bulbs last fall, and they're getting ready to be harvested now. I dug up a few nice bulbs yesterday (I don't have pics of those yet). Let me tell you-this garlic is DELICIOUS! I've already used some of it on some baked chicken- YUM!
garlic flower 09This is one of the garlic plants that formed a really cool flower at the top. Sometimes I just like to let plants go and see what they do. you can get some interesting results. I usually let at least some of my lettuce go to seed as well. I end up with lettuce popping up all over the garden next season.
garden2 09This is the view down one of the garden rows. The pink and white flowers are Dianthus I planted last year. In the fall I'll plant them in the flower bed.
catnip 09And this is some of the catnip I just harvested really quickly the other day. The stuff grows like mad! There's a lot more that I can get if I take a little time. I dry it on screens in the garage, then use it to stuff catnip toys for my own cats and my friends cats. Of course I always have to bring in some of the fresh stuff for Ozzy and Cedric- then I've got a couple of loopy cats for the next several hours.
garden4 09This is a shot of my zucchini row. I have dill scattered all over the garden as well. It reseeds quite freely, which is fine with me. Not only is it a useful herb, but beneficial insects love the flowers.
<span class=And speaking of beneficial insects, if you want to make your honeybees happy, Borage is the plant for you. This pretty flower has attracted more honeybees than anything else in any of my gardens. Plus it's native to NE Ohio, so it does really well here. this is the first year I planted it, but it's supposed to be a self sowing plant, so I should have Borage for years to come.
garden3 09This is a shot down my eggplant row. An absolute jungle!
eggplant flower 09And this is an eggplant flower- isn't it gorgeous! You could grow these for the flowers alone. I should be able to harvest eggplants by the end of the month. I used no chemicals or pesticides on any of this, and to be honest, I haven't had the chance to spend a whole lot of time in the garden this year (Gramma's kept me pretty busy). It's amazing what nature is able to do pretty much on it's own. I did have to spread some vole repellent yesterday. They're cute, but boy are they dumb! I was picking some lettuce and saw a vole, and actually pulled a leaf out of his mouth! I yelled at him to scat and he just looked at me. I could have picked the silly critter up, had I wanted to. Not that I ever would. Handling wild animals of any sort is not a good idea. I just got my vole repellent and spread it throughout the garden. It won't harm them, it'll just make them look elsewhere for dinner. So that's the latest happenings in my garden. Thanks for stopping by!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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