Monday, July 27, 2009

The SupplyCloset on jewelry makers heaven!

The SupplyCloset opened on 1-1-09 and offers a huge variety of beads and jewelry making supplies.  Their Studio Announcement reads: ".> Beading is addictive... the bug hit me several years ago and has taken over a significant area of my life :-) This shop allows me to share the addiction, and some great finds...

I'm working to load my current inventory and expect to expand the inventory further at the tail end of February. So please come back to see the new stuff :-)".  The many categories on this shop include Beads: Animals, Beads: Base Metal, Beads: Copper, Beads: Glass, Beads: Holiday, Beads: Millefiori, Beads: Semi-Precious, Beads: Sports/Games, Beads: Seed Beads, Beads: Other, Beads: Sterling Silver, Findings: Base Metal, Findings: Copper, Findings: Gold-Filled, Findings: Sterling Silver, Findings: Vermeil, Focal Beads/Pieces, Ceramic Decals, Packing and Shipping Materials, and Vessels.  Just about anything you could need!

Artisan Biography for supplycloset:

"I've been crafting since I was a child... both sides of grandparents and parents were crafters... over the years I've tried many things, most recently have been drawn to jewelry and glasswork. This shop is an outgrowth of my crafting passion... an opportunity to share uniqe finds to fuel the passion in others."

Below is only the smallest sample of the goodies that can be found in the SupplyCloset. I know I've got this shop bookmarked!  Stop by and browse all there is to see!

Glazed Skull VesselBlue and Silver Large Focal DiskOrange Tiger Cat BeadsHummingbird BeadsCopper Cat BeadsPurple and Blue Czech Glass Oval BeadsWhite Skull BeadsCeramic Boot Beads (91047)Green Millefiori Disks

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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