Friday, July 24, 2009

The latest Fantasy sculpture from CreativeCritters

I just listed my newest Fantasy sculpture, "Elvina the Elf Seeks Advice from Drucylla the Dragon", in my studio yesterday.  This piece took over a month to complete due to the intricate detail involved.  Elvina, a beautiful blond Elven girl, reclines on a log (a piece of driftwood I salvaged), as she seeks council from her friend and advisor, Drucylla the Dragon.  Drucylla, being many hundreds of years old, has learned much in her time, and often can see solutions that remain hidden to the young elves.  Drucylla was sculpted in polymer clay and sits 6 1/2" tall.  Each of her scales was individually cut out and carefully placed.  The scales were cut from variegated millifiori slices in shades of blue, pink, and purple.  The dragon's wings were stamped and then dusted with blue interference powder before baking.  Once cool I used high gloss glaze on the entire dragon.  Drucylla's eyes were made from glass beads.  Elvina was also carefully sculpted by hand in polymer clay.  Her green eyes were painted with acrylic paint and her hair is soft Homespun yarn.  The base of the sculpture, which measures about 9" long and 6" wide, was made from a piece of wood.  I painted the top in shades of green and covered the bottom with fabric, which I've signed and dated.  The rocks were sculpted from air dry clay and then painted.  Below are a few pictures of the sculpture.  If you click on them you can go directly to my studio and view the listing.  Thanks for looking at my latest creation!

Elvina the Elf Seeks Advice from Drucylla the Dragon Fantasy sculpture

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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